New Investment opportunity!

Our partner  Buddy Shelters, LLC  seeks  private investors  to fund the purchase of land and construction of affordable single family residences. Presently, there are no 3 bedroom homes for sale at $375,000 in Seattle area. The investment sought is $3.1 million USA dollars for five years. Once all amount is collected no more investor will be accepted. Preliminary conditions:
– minimum $100,000 from each investor;
– $3,000,000 invested over five (5) years;
– 16%+- of value for profit per unit estimated!
Currently, the real estate market is very good, so there is a possibility of using the investment to construct more than eight homes per year. Buddy Shelters, LLC would plan 9 months from permit to build, sell and close, creating the opportunity to build 50%+- more product per year.

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